What can you do to prepare for YOUR baby’s birth?

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So what can you do to prepare for your Baby’s birth?


As an ‘Antenatal Educator’ I am often asked whether ‘Ignorance really is bliss?


In my experience it does tends to be only first time mums who ask me this question.


Preparation you CAN significantly influence how you feel during and when reflecting on YOUR baby’s birth.

Put very simply …..  what can you do? to help you achieve YOUR CONFIDENT Birth.
You CAN be Prepared, Equipped & Educated.
You CAN Understand & Believe.
You CAN Practise so that it becomes Inherent.
You CAN Learn to feel Positive & Relaxed.

You CAN hire a Doula for Emotional & Practical support.

So…. You CAN decide to Take Control of YOUR ‘up and coming’ labour and birth.
Make the decision
To Own it…
Feel confident ….
Empowered & In control … 
Know your options …
Make every decision throughout the journey YOUR INFORMED CHOICE
There isn’t a right or wrong when it comes to your birth choices but aim to be an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in all decisions throughout YOUR BABY’S birth.
Here is a great article written by a very experienced Doula in Hertfordshire – Siobhan Smith
Some one i would want by my side if I have another baby!



If you live in Hertfordshire contact PregnancyWell-being.co.uk for your all encompassing birth preparation combining both mind & body T 07967 659225.

11th May 2015


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