About Us

About Us

CONNECT ‘mums to be’ with EXPERTS in the local area.

INFORM and enable you to be active participants in all decisions during Pregnancy, Birth & Baby.

ENJOY your pregnancy through events, retreats, socials & great offers


We will continue to evolve over time, building in exciting developments and services to help you enjoy your pregnancy, with a focus on feeling good and informed.


There will be levels of membership to ensure that packages and offers are accessible to all preferences, tastes & requirements.

For example


1) Active membership – will be available to all.


2) Radiant Silver membership

Will include access to your complete Antenatal Education & Birth Preparation.

Pregnancy exercise / Pilates and / or Yoga

Various webinars

Great value Well-being packages (choice of 2 treatments, 1 hr each, Massage, Reflexology, Accupressure, Homeopathy)

Complimentary access to our indulging ‘Pregnancy Sanctuary Events’ every couple of months.


3) Glowing Golden membership

As above plus

A massage every fortnight

Reflexology x 10 sessions

6 week course Pre & Post Natal Pilates and or Yoga

Discounted prices for Socials, Retreats and Holidays


About the Founder Laura

I created Pregnancy Well-being as an extension of the ‘Pregnancy classes’ I teach, to help support expectant mums in my classes, beyond just my own area of expertise. The original plan was to create a website, a pregnancy center and to run accessible events / retreats. I’ve only managed two of these so far :-)

I am the mum of two under three years, as I write this. I left 16 years of a very full on business career, to spend more time with my children. I had already re trained as a Pilates Instructor & I then added Antenatal Educator to my repertoire, as I also wanted to be able to support ladies during pregnancy and in preparation for birth and beyond.

I moved house and to a new area when I was pregnant for the second time and having felt reasonably in control, informed & supported in most other areas of life, pregnancy was a whole new world of ‘unknown‘. I felt vulnerable and unsure of where to turn. It wasn’t obvious to me which of the many complimentary services were available to support me. Beyond the usual NHS route of course which we are very lucky to have in this country.

For me…. the missing part included how and where to find additional support. Especially with regards to Well-being, easing common ailments & discomforts, feeling good, enjoyment, luxury, products, socials and even some pampering. The world beyond the anxieties that can come with scans, blood tests and medical guidelines.

I was unaware of the experts in my area, I travelled to London for a Massage and a 45 minute drive for Reflexology, based on recommendation and because I wasn’t aware of the excellent expertise and services virtually on my doorstep.

So I decided to try and them together into an easy to navigate ‘space’. I continually turn to different experts depending on the questions asked in class and I found some seriously talented, fascinating practitioners, therapists and experts. We just needed a space to be able to share some wisdom and help steer expectant mums to a more comprehensive Hub of support & information.

Importantly to add some more enjoyment to the experience of being pregnant and even some luxury along the way. It is a precious time and also needs to be supported and celebrated.

As well as the directory and the news hub, events & socials will hopefully help pregnant women benefit from a broader range of ‘pregnancy services’ and be able to select what is best for them during this pregnancy.


Key Consults

Elisa Hill

My sister Elisa, who is pulling together a similar directory in east London, has been helping with this idea as much as I have. Elisa is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to psychology, learning & development, a yoga teacher and an Antenatal educator, as well as a mum of two under 2 when we first started this project.  Having experienced one emergency Cesarean birth and a second wonderful water birth we both became fascinating and motivated by how we could help other expectant mums, become more informed and more of an active participant in their own pregnancy & birth experience.


Kate Codrington

I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful colleague and now friend Kate Codrington who supports Pregnancy & Birth experts in our area. Without Kate many of the networks that exist to support pregnant mums wouldn’t exist. Kate’s skills are too long to list here but if you are expecting and want the most wonderful massage (with a variety of techniques & a vast amount of varied experience behind those hands) Kate is your women. If you are a pregnancy expert, practitioner or therapist and want to join the PAPA network to enjoy unconditional support contact Kate at papa experts.


T 07813 402477



Faith Meaney

Midwife, Mentor & Parent Education Facilitator at West Herts NHS Trust

Faith has created some thing that no other region seem to benefit from, in the form of ‘Pregnancy clubs’ of which there are now 8 in the Hertfordshire area. They provide a great social opportunity and a midwife led support group, any pregnancy or policy question can be asked & answered.  Pregnancy Well-being services will continually work alongside these Pregnancy clubs and the NHS support / systems to compliment the support given to expectant & new mums.

It was when I attended the pregnancy club myself that Faith and I talked about the huge variety of experts in the area and I suggested I pull them together some how for other expectant mums to benefit from & access and here we are. I’ve worked with Faith at intervals along the way to benefit from her wisdom and to try and provide the best source of reference for ‘balanced informed’ & discussion (please visit the lifestyle ‘informed choice’ page for suggested sources).


Within this site we are fortunate enough to benefit from the ‘advice & wisdom’ of various experts but the following are those who have been significantly involved in the creation of this resource. Providing expertise in their area of specialism;


Massage, Professional Support & Development – Kate Codrington, Yoga & Antenatal Educator – Elisa Hill, Nutrition – Sophia Villiers, Yoga & PND – Claire Murphy, Reflexology – Lesley Byfield, Natal Hypnotherapy – Dani Diossi, Pre & Post Natal Doula – Siobhan Smith, Baby Massage & Parenting – Karen Langston


Our panel of ‘real mums’ 

We constantly have a new intake of pregnant ladies who come along to antenatal & postnatal classes keeping us up to date & ‘current’ when it comes to ‘tried and tested’ favorites. Including ‘products & services’ from PREGNANCY through to BIRTH & as a new MUM. It seems to move on so quickly! Over time we will hopefully be able to supply our favorite products rather than just suggest them.