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DANI DIOSSI is offering pregnancy wellbeing members 10% off a course price and is happy to do individual sessions for anyone who knows they are having c-sections.

Contact Dani via the contact link above.



Please get in touch if you would like opportunity to speak about pregnancy, postnatal massage and baby massage classes.

Any treatments booked quoting pregnancy wellbeing will receive 25% off the wonderful Mama Mio pregnancy range and have Mama Mio products incorporated complementary in any massage.

Often your life has to continue as usual despite such a huge change taking place when you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy massage can be a wonderful opportunity to relax and stop and think about yourself and your baby whilst also relieving any tension in the body or discomfort that you may be experiencing.

When your little one is born you can learn the wonderful skill of baby massage which can then be used throughout your childs life. In those early months it helps with bonding, communication, relaxation for mother and baby and is used for the relief of colic.

Postnatal massage appointments can be booked as an opportunity for some ‘me time’ or babies are also very welcome. This is often a time massage becomes so beneficial as your body is changing once more and adjusting to the new positions of carrying, feeding and lifting.

Contact Natalie via the contact link above.


2nd December 2014


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