Postnatal Anxiety


If you are prone to anxiety, there is nothing like the adjustmnt to motherhood to set your mind off!

This topic of Postnatal Anxiety has come up a lot over time, amongst the lovely mums I’m lucky enough to work with, so I thought I should investigate a little and share the information.

So …. What are the options if you do start to feel your mind is impacting on your well-being?

I asked our LOCAL experts (in pre and post natal support), for their view on this very question.

Here are some suggestions, to compliment the NHS route available to us all through our GP.

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You can find further information on each of the local experts within your area, mentioned below, by visiting the Experts Directory


  • Laura Sandilands – Antenatal Educator The Daisy Foundation & Pilates Instructor

“I personally found the Linden Method a great support when I suffered from anxiety years ago at university, to make sense of everything”


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  • Vanessa Barker – Personal Trainer specialising in anti & post natal

“I read this as I was interested in a better understanding of stress from a professional standpoint. May be useful, as the author suffered severe panic attacks and anxiety and he explains how the body experiences stress physiologically, and his techniques to overcome it. Worth a read. And cheap!”

Book title – Stress Less: Targeting the Physiological Roots of Stress

Feeling stressed? If you’re looking at Joey Lott’s…

Available from – AMAZON.CO.UK

Vanessa Barker  – “Also I’ve seen this recommended. I bought it but haven’t read much, it’s longer and the other book is a much easier quicker read. But this is meant to be good.”

Book Title – The Anxiety Solution: A Revolutionary Guide to Calm, Clarity and Confidence

Aailable from Amazon

Finally, how to get to the root of why you have Anxiety.


  • Karen Langston – Founder Parents & Co. Find more on Karen within the directory (parenting)

“Motherhood can be totally overwhelming!! Homestart is a fabulous charity that offers mum home help for free….. Might be something that gives some much needed support….”


  • Olga Danyluk-Singh – “Natal hypnotherapy? Pregnancy relaxation and self hypnosis

Available from

Also counselling to get to roots of fears.. rather than treating symptoms only”

  • Rebecca Mccann

“If welwyn garden city isn’t too far. Im happy to speak to mums suffering, i specialise in anxiety, panic attacks etc. my number is 07969 315591 also happy to talk on skype “


  • Emily Ollman-Hirt – Hi I’m a psychotherapist & psychologist finishing off my training qualification and I’m specialising in perinatal mental health – would be happy to work with ladies to reduce panic attacks/explore possible causes. Can offer Skype support if I’m too far – my website is


  • Leora Leboff EFT can be very effective with panic attacks. See Leoras’s page in the directory.


  • Sarah Setton “How about some EFT? – often a swift way to identify fears and re-programme the mind to overcome them. Christine Black and Lynette Gold are both highly recommended. Agree Natal Hypnotherapy also a good idea. “


  • Lesley Byfield “Bach flowers will definitely help her. I can personalise one based on what she is feeling. She can call me to discuss if she likes” See Lesley’s page in the directory.


  • Sophia Villiers – Nutritionist “The other thing is to make sure she is taking a prenatal multivitamin with B vitamins and magnesium to support her nerves. And to eat lots of fruit and veg, brown rice, oats and wholemeal bread for the same reason.”


  • Genevieve Overy – Rescue remedy


  • Jane Jennings – EFT Energy Field Therapy “If birth trauma is possible it may suggest that due to fear grounding energy is out of balance, there could also be damage to the root and sacral centre and connections to the baby may have been disrupted. Im happy to work with anxious mumsia skype if there isnt a local practitioner to work with” Janes website is

9th March 2015


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