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Postnatal Restorative Pilates

4th June 2015

Postnatal Restorative Pilates – For a flatter tummy, leaner limbs, a firmer bottom and a stronger stable back and pelvis.

▪ Bring your baby along whilst you take your body through a full range of beneficial movement.

A safe effective restorative program, to help you get your pre-baby stability, strength and shape back. From after your 6 week check.

Enjoy this precious time to move, relax & re energise. To help you feel far more like your old self.

Parenting Classes

21st February 2015

10% off as an ‘Introductory offer’ through Pregnancy Well-being.

Expecting your first baby? For first time parents to be focus on what happens AFTER the birth!


The Running Buggy

16th January 2015

Suggested ‘Running Buggy’, to save you having to do as much extensive research yourself. Thanks Julia Mum to Marnie 16 weeks.