How Natal Hypnotherapy works?


Thanks to Dani for sharing her wisdom.

“In a nutshell – the subconscious is where we store everything – memories, beliefs, learnt behaviour etc. It is actually the biggest part of the mind, much much bigger than the conscious part which is where we rationalise, analyse etc. The subconscious is so powerful that even if you consciously understand the importance of relaxation and breathing for labour, if your subconscious belief about birth (from stories growing up, tv programs) is very negative then when you go into labour that negativity is what is going to be most powerful. The CD’s work by putting you in a relaxed state which is the same as a subconscious state which is the same as a hypnotic state. In this relaxed state, it is possible to have direct access to the subconscious where our learnt behaviour is stored (ie once we have processed/learnt something we store it there rather than having to re-learn it each time – think driving lessons). So by being in a relaxed state the skill (in this case positive suggestions relating to labour and birth) can be placed directly in the learnt behaviour section of the subconscious. The more your subconscious hears the suggestions (listens to the cd’s/affirmations) the more solid they become so when you go into labour – it’s all there, ready to go. Phew! Not so much a nutshell more a nut feast!!! Hope that makes sense but please do get in touch if you have any questions”

1st February 2015


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