Travel Insurance


Are you sure you, are insured when you travel whilst pregnant?

Thankyou to Claire for sharing your findings on this subject.

“Hi Laura

I found out that a lot of basic travel insurances won’t cover premature birth, and why this couple might be facing £100k in costs.

When I traveled abroad when pregnant I paid for an additional policy that did cover prem birth. And I only found out about this by accident when I called my insurance company to tell them I was pregnant.

Might be something to make expectant mothers aware about?

I saw this story on the BBC News iPhone App and thought you should see it:

Premature baby pair ‘stranded in US’

A British couple whose baby was born prematurely during a trip to the USA say they expect to be stranded there for three months.

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It is worth checking the policy as each every pregnancy is different circumstance and every individual has different medical history.

This is the company I insured through. I spoke to them in person to go through everything to make sure I was covered.”