Pregnancy Well Being Pilates

Pregnancy Well Being Pilates

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Pregnancy Well Being Pilates


Prepare your body and your mind.


By combining your safe Pregnancy EXERCISE program, to prepare your body.

With the most effective ACTIVE BIRTH tools. Empowering EDUCATION and the best HYPNOSIS techniques, to prepare your mind.




Work through this 6 week program.


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Pilates is a wonderful way to stay strong & energised during your pregnancy.

Laura is a Pre and Postnatal Pilates Specialist, as well as an Active Birth Antenatal Educator.


She created this unique program to combine the two.

The education sections within this plan are the very best of what is out there, delivered in one succinct program.


The Pilates movement will ensure you work in safe comfortable positions whilst strengthening and enhancing muscle tone.

Isolating, connecting, relaxing and releasing where necessary, in order to help prepare your body for labour, birth and a smooth transition into the restoration phase.


Helping you to maintain a healthy weight.

Learning how to support and prepare your changing body safely.

Matwork classes are suitable for pregnancy as well as equipment work such as the flexiband, stability ball & reformer.


(Suitable for complete Beginners through to those who are used to Advanced Pilates practise).

The practical venue base for group or private classes.


The PMB Well-being Hub,

85 Manor Way,

Croxley Green,






Telephone: 01923 578461

Mobile: 07967 659225




£8 per class booked as a four week program to ensure progression.

(An ePilates program is also be available for you to do at home)


Time table

For Pre & Post Pregnancy Pilates in Croxley Green;

Monday @ 19.15pm – Pregnancy Pilates

Thursday @ 1.30 or 2.30 pm – Post Natal Pilates with babies

Sunday @ 9.30 pm – Post Natal Pilates with or without babies

Sunday @ 10.30 pm – Pregnancy Pilates


You will also be able to access an e Pilates program to support you with some safe, beneficial home practice, around family life

Private classes are also available.