Essential Oils

aromatherapy oils

Essentials oils considered safe for labour and helpful for specific conditions – also including oils for post natal use.


Aromatherapy For Labour & Birth

The suggestion is that oils can trigger hormones to be released, such as neroli, to calm. Others such as myrrh, may have a stimulating effect on the uterine muscles supporting a longer labour. Oils to help relax and support less discomfort in labour.


Essential oils can be used in a few ways. They work by entering the blood stream through inhalation (in an oil burner or on a tissue) or through the skin , by massage. Oils for improving state of mind, such as anxiety, tend to be more effective if inhaled.  You can also use essential oils in a compress of hot or cold water.


Making up a Blend for MASSAGE

For massage, you can use any vegetable oil as a base, although grapeseed or sweet almond are a good choice. Essential oil/s must be at a concentration safe for the unborn baby, as its possible the essential oils will pass into your bloodstream (0.5% blend).


eg 30ml of say grapeseed oil, just 3 drops of essential oil, used as a blend for massage.


Other blends therefore include;

30 ml grapeseed oil: 3 drops essential oil

50 ml grapeseed oil:  5 drops essential oil

100ml grapeseed oil: 10 drops essential oil


In an Oil Burner or on a tissue

Putting oils on a burner is also a great way of using them. From anxiety to stress,to insomnia. If you feel nauseous, you can try 1 drop of peppermint or 1 drop of ginger essential oil directly on a tissue.  Inhaling an essential oil directly from the bottle is not a good idea as you end up inhaling more than the recomended amount, and the essential oil will evaporate.





OVERDUEClary SageJasmine


SLOW LABOURClary SageGeranium


FAST LABOURLavender- unless labour is firmly established NAUSEA/VOMITINGPeppermint (on a tissue)Ginger

Roman Chamomile

PAIN RELIEFLavenderGerman Chamomile


Sweet Marjoram




 Oils for post natal care

Putting essential oils in a burner is a way of using oils for post natal issues. For more physical issues such as engorgement, oils can be applied through massage or using a compress.


EXHAUSTIONNutmeg / Rosewood / Lemon / Rose / Frankincense LACK OF CONFIDENCESandalwood /RoseFrankincense / Geranium
BABY BLUES / DEPRESSIONBergamot / May Chang Lemongrass / GeraniumClary Sage / Neroli

Ylang Ylang / Citrus Oils


TEARING / EPISIOTOMYUse neat in a tepid ‘Sitz’ bath, twice  a day :Lavender (3 drops)

Cypress (2 drops)


Arnica homeopathic tablets  for helping heal. Start taking soon as possible during labour and for a few days afterwards.


AFTERPAINSGinger / LavenderUse this blend in a tummy massage


Chamomile / Marjoram

Use this blend in a warm compress. Add 2 drops of each oil to bowl of warm water, use damp flannel.

CAESAREAN SCARTea tree / Lavender/ MyrrhGeranium / Frankincense


Wound healing, can be used in compress or mixed into a body cream & apply directly to scar tissue. Do not massage the scar for 6 weeks – just apply the cream.

SORE  / CRACKED NIPPLESPatchouli / Chamomile / LavenderRose


Use in cold compress. Massage towards the nipple.

ENGORGEMENTGeranium / Frankincense / Chamomile 

Use in cold compress. Massage towards the nipple.

INSUFFICIENCY OF MILKGalactagogues are oils which stimulate milk production:Lemongrass / fennel / jasmine


Use in burner or warm compress or in massage towards nipple.

MASTITISIf setting in: Cold compress with tea tree oil 

If you HAVE mastitis, then your doctor may advise you have antibiotics.


If healing: geranium / lavender / chamomile in cold compress.

9th April 2015


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