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Birth Story Listening

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Face to face and Skype sessions


Tranquil therapy room from my home in Pitstone, between Tring and Aylesbury.

Different hours available each week but always a combination of days, evenings and weekends.



45 mins                 £30

60 mins                 £40

75 mins                 £45

90 mins                 £50


£5 off for NHS workers, WI members and users/workers/carers at MIND



Birth Story Listening

This is my passion and is rapidly becoming my area of expertise.  I would love to see everyone who has given birth or attended a birth to have access to this.  Birth can be magical, empowering, traumatic, disappointing and everything in between.  It can be all of these  at once and can be hard to make sense of by oneself.  It also involves high emotions and again, these can be hard to process by oneself, and can become trapped in the body without you even knowing it if they are not released or processed.  I offer a listening service to untangle some of the emotions and the meanings behind them.  Some people choose just to talk, some to do some writing or artwork or some energy clearing; reiki or other techniques.  If there is lingering anger towards a situation or individual we will process this by having a virtual conversation and a forgiveness process.  No session is ever the same but the desired outcome is; to leave you clearer to enjoy your life, your partner and your baby.  Birth Story listening is for everyone, whether your birth was ‘good’ or ‘bad’, was 5 days or 50 years ago.


Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage
Pregnancy massage is very relaxing and is done in a side-lying position with lots of supportive pillows.  I always do a consultation so that we know which issues to focus on; sore backs, hips, shoulders, necks, restless legs, carpal tunnel, insomnia, stress, swollen ankles etc.  I combine relaxing strokes with deeper pressure and stretches to relieve some of these pregnancy issues. I am also very open to answering pregnancy/labour related questions, and some people choose to talk through any anxieties they may have.

Postnatal massage can be invaluable for easing aching shoulders and necks from breastfeeding and can be a god send for busy parents (both mums and dads) to be able to take an hour out for themselves.

Aromatherapy massage after 40 weeks is relaxing and helps the body prepare for labour.  The oil blend is designed to stimulate contractions.  Research has shown that even if this does not happen, labour is quicker and easier.


Therapeutic massage for Dads

I like to feel I look after the whole family and Dad needs some time out and support too!  This is also a safe space if Dad wishes to ask or discuss anything,either  pre or,post birth..  All sessions are completely and utterly 100% confidential.



Reiki is a very gentle energy healing technique which can be used on an emotional, physical and even spiritual level.  It involves me laying hands on specific points on the body, usually through clothing, to achieve chakra and energy balancing.  The recipient may experience heat, tingling, relaxation, colours or images.  It can easily be combined with massage and can also be used when massage is contraindicated.  It is a powerful tool which is easy to underestimate.


About Rachel

I am a midwife who has always been interested in holistic and complementary medicine and has now decided to specialise in that field.  My birth story listening has grown out of my own need to ‘debrief’ after an intense birth, and realising that parents also need this.  I have lost count of the number of times I have heard birth stories at dinner parties from people I barely know; from professional women, from grandmothers, from Dads. The desire is huge to have someone hear them who really understands and will not be shocked by their descriptions.  Of course I do bring my midwifery into my treatments.  I understand the culture of midwifery and may be able to answer specific questions.

My other great interest is mind-body medicine, treating the whole person.  I do not believe that an achey back is just that: there is often an underlying stress or emotion or association with a chakra.  Of course some people just want their aching back fixed with a massage; this is fine, I do that!  However we will get longer-lasting results if we also discuss what might be underlying it and add some reiki to the treatment.


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